Why “Nice Guys Finish Last” is Just Not True in 2019

It’s so ludicrous to me that people think “nice guys finish last” — especially with where we’re at and how far we’ve advanced in 2019.

The reality is, kindness is the ultimate strength not just in business, but in life. Nice guys always win.

Here’s why:

1. Nice guys don’t finish last, bad guys posing as nice guys do

Most people who say that “kindness is a weakness” are giving with expectation.

When your “kindness” is loaded with an “ask” on the back end, people can smell it from a mile away. You’re not actually being nice, you’re just using kindness as a disguise to get what you want from the relationship.

If you “give” with a hidden agenda, you’ll always lose.

2. It’s hard to be taken advantage of when you’re giving without expectation

When you give without expectation, you’re happy no matter what. People can’t take advantage of you because you’re playing a different game.

Even if I provide all the value in the relationship and I get nothing back in the short term, the worst case scenario is that I had a positive impact on somebody through my actions. As a human being, that makes me feel really good.

3. Kindness always wins when the clock hits 0:00

The biggest issue for many is that they see bad behavior get ahead in the short term. Because of that, they get tricked into thinking that bad behavior wins the entire game.

The issue is that they’re just looking at the first quarter. They’re just looking at who’s leading at halftime.

In the macro, kindness always gets rewarded. Someone is always watching. People don’t realize it, but the amount of opportunity gained by good people because of their kindness is enormous. On the flip side, the amount of opportunity lost by bad people because of their bad behavior is also enormous.

“Bad” sometimes leads at halftime, but “good” always wins the game.

4. It’s easier to be kind if you’re coming from a place of leverage

It’s much easier to be genuinely kind when you feel that you’re coming from a place of leverage. If you’re not in a good place mentally — if you’re insecure, anxious, or worried about what other people think of you — kindness won’t come as naturally to you.

That’s why to me, giving without expectation is the ultimate strength.


In conclusion … in a digital world, kindness is rewarded more than ever before.

Before the internet, fakers and people with bad intentions always had the option to hide or move to a different country after they were discovered. They were isolated and lived in the “shadows.”

In a digital world, we don’t have the option to “hide” like before. The internet is exposing all of us. For that reason, the benefits of doing bad behaviors have become dramatically smaller.


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