Twitter Users, How to Ask for Help & Beating Jet Lag: #AskGaryVee Episode 180

On this episode we talk about how to ask for help, Twitter’s changing product, and the one thing I would tell the whole world if I only had thirty seconds.


Questions answered on this episode

  • No new twitter users registered between Oct and Christmas last year. Thoughts?
  • How can I use a diploma and years of experience if they are in a field I don’t currently want to work in?
  • How do you take down your defensive shields about asking for help?
  • You travel so much–what are your tricks and tips for overcoming jet lag?
  • If the next thirty seconds of #AskGaryVee were broadcast to all 7 billion people on the planet, what would you say?

Resources from this episode

Question of the day

  • If you could buy a Super Bowl commercial, what would you say in it?

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