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Gary Vaynerchuk takes selfies with fans at VaynerWorld London

A lot of you out there have probably heard me rant about empathy and the difference between EQ or IQ. For those of you who are unfamiliar with when I say “EQ,” I’m talking about my emotional intelligence—the emotional intangibles: empathy, gratitude, and intuition....


Here's how to pick out a wine even if you know nothing about wine

A very common question I get is how to choose a wine when there are so many options. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly unending varietals, vintages, and difficult to pronounce names. Over the years, I’ve attempted to demystify wine culture with Wine Library TV (I think...


Only you can define who you are

Back in the day when I was doing Wine Library TV, I got a lot of flack for commenting about sports or cultural events on social media or my video blog. A lot of people commented to “stick to wine” or that I’m just a “a wine guy.” ...