0:50 - How do you provide context with data?

8:00 - Why should a brand have a voice?

10:15 - How important is it to be authentic? How does a

brand stay consistent in it?

12:02 - How do you minimize a client's fear that your work on social might damage their brand?

15:08 - How do you balance the authenticity of a brand's story, and the way you have to translate it for social platforms?

19:41 - What is the value of access, and how do you provide it?

21:41 - What is the next thing that content creators should be focusing on?

25:31 - How do you avoid fatigue on all these social networks?

26:51 - What do you tell your clients when they want a "viral meme right now!"?

27:38 - How can a consultant get the resources to execute against all these concepts?