Go Beyonce on Your Customers & Put a Ring on It

You can’t treat social media like a one night stand. It’ll never work that way. So stop doing it.

Social Media Marketing is like going Beyonce on your customers. What does that mean? You’ve got to put a ring on it if you want them around for the long run. Stop trying to seal the deal on your first at-bat. Romance the customer a little. Take them out to dinner before you try and take them home with you. Stop trying to close on the first transaction. It’s never going to work. And if it does, it’ll never be sustainable. No way. No how.

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Every influencer and individual interested in producing content, building a brand, starting or growing a business, selling a product, service, or idea should learn how to start a podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Sticher, iHeart Radio, Google Play, and any other platform offering the real estate. It’s a massively important...