Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success

(Updated on 9/1)

Hey VaynerNation – thank you so much for all of you who tuned into the live stream announcement on 8/27. So excited for my new book and can’t wait for you all to read!!

Many of you have been hitting me up on Twitter and DM with questions about the “get a gift for every 12 books you buy” offer, so the team put together a blog post that covers everything you need to know and next steps – the offer is now closed, but this post should help clear some things up for those of you who submitted the form in this post. See below. 

Enter Team GaryVee:

Hey everyone – thanks for ordering and being a part of Gary’s sixth major book launch! 

Here’s a quick overview of the offer and next steps:

  1. The offer is that for every 12 books you order between 4pm Eastern 8/27/21 and  5pm Eastern on 8/28/21, you’ll get one gift from Gary when the book releases (i.e. 12 books = 1 gift, 72 books = 6 gifts, etc).
  2. While the form is still up in this post below, the offer to order books in exchange for a gift is now closed. If you placed an order before 8/28 5pm ET, you are eligible, even if you didn’t upload the receipt in the form and submit it until later.Please submit asap.
  3. If you submitted your receipts through the form, the team will authenticate them and come back to you with next steps by 10/1/2021, if eligible.
  4. We will also be reaching out to those who are eligible to confirm wallet address details, and even help you set up a wallet if needed (again, by 10/1/2021). 

If you still have questions about your eligibility or next steps, see the FAQ below:      

“How do I know if I’m eligible to get the gift? I filled out the form. Am I good?”

You are eligible if you fill all the criteria: 

  1. You placed an order before 8/28, 5pm ET, 
  2. You submitted your details through form at the end of this post. 

“I submitted the form but I didn’t get a confirmation email. Am I good to go?”

Yes. If you submitted the form at the end of this post with details of an order you placed before 5pm ET on 8/28, you’re eligible for Gary’s gift. You should have seen the following screenshot after submitting the form: 

We will contact you via email regarding next steps to all who are eligible by October 1st, 2021. 

“I placed an order but the money hasn’t been drawn from my account yet. Am I still eligible?”

Since the book will only be released later in 2021 (the exact date depending on which country you ordered from), the retailer you ordered from may not have charged your account yet. As long as you have your order confirmation or receipt submitted via the form at the end of this post, you’re eligible to receive Gary’s gift.

“I placed an order, but the retailer canceled it. Am I still eligible?”

If you placed an order before 8/28 5pm ET, submitted your receipt or order confirmation through the form at the end of this post, but the retailer canceled your order, you can re-order and submit your receipt through this form

When you re-order, make sure that you only buy the total amount that was ordered initially (i.e. if you initially submitted a receipt for 12 books, but that order was canceled, you will only be eligible to re-order for 12).

We’ll review all submissions, and if there are any issues from our side, we’ll reach out to you before 10/1/2021. 

“What if I need to update my form with more book orders that I made prior to 8/28 5pm ET?”

Resubmit the same form at the end of this post. Please include the total number of books, and the date of purchase, all in the latest form.

“I placed an order before 5pm ET on 8/28 and I submitted the form, but my receipt doesn’t show the time of my order. How will you confirm it?”

If you submitted the form itself before 8/28 5pm ET, then you’re eligible to get Gary’s gift – we will be able to verify the timestamp when you submitted the form. If you submitted before 8/28 5pm ET, then it’s safe to assume that you also ordered before that time.

If you submitted your form after 5pm ET on 8/28, and your receipt doesn’t show the time of purchase, then we’ll contact you via email before October 1st to confirm a few details. 

“Can I cancel my order at the retailer I ordered from, and order from a different one?”

We’ll only be accepting re-orders from those who had their initial order canceled by the retailer – not those who canceled orders themselves. If you’d like to re-order after getting your order canceled, fill out the form here

“I wanted to place an order, but the book isn’t available in my country. What should I do?”

If the book is not available in your country, we had asked that you email with your country & retailer you tried to order from. We’re working on solutions here and will get back to you before 10/1/2021, if you had emailed us prior to 8/28 5pm ET. 

“My MetaMask wallet address changed. What do I do now?”

We’ll email you prior to 10/1/2021 to confirm you wallet address details.

“I don’t know how to set up a MetaMask wallet to receive the gift. What do I do?”

Check out this article here for instructions.

“I’ve emailed a few times, are you getting my emails?”

Yes, if you emailed that account, trust that your email’s been received and is being reviewed by our team. We’ll get back to your email before 10/1/2021 only if your question wasn’t already answered in this post. 

Where to Purchase

Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success will be available both nationally and internationally. Check out the links below for the specifics on retailers and on-sale dates. 

How to Get it in the U.S. 


Apple Books 

Barnes & Noble




How to Get it Internationally











New Zealand



United Kingdom

Special Offer

Thank you for participating in one of the most fun book launches of my life <3. I love you all from everyone who couldn’t afford any books to those that have gone above and beyond to support this book :). The special offer has now been closed and only those that submitted a receipt up to this point are now eligible, based on the above mentioned rules.

P.S. I know there were issues with some countries and specific stores, please email with the subject containing what was the issue and we might consider it for a late submission ;). For those that bought before 5pm Eastern, please submit your receipts in the form below. If you bought any books after 5pm Eastern on 8/28/2021, you are not eligible for the special offer.

Xoxo – Gary

To upload your book receipt, fill out the form here.

Email – if you are having any issues. Due to the volume of inbound, we will only respond if you have an issue we can solve and not accept any receipts. Please add all receipts to the form above.

Now, for the punchline. As you know, this book is going live on November 16th…but for the next 24 HOURS ONLY, if you buy 12 copies and upload your receipt(s) to the form above, I will airdrop you an epic surprise on November 16th. 👀

This is a big fucking deal and I’m really excited about it. All I’m gonna say is too many of you missed out on VeeFriends and ended up regretting it. I’m doing this new offer now to make sure my community wins big. What does that mean? Buying 12 books is a good idea, buying 24 or 36 or 48 or 360 books is a GREAT idea. The full list of retailers is above, but I’ll also say that grabbing an extra 12 books from Barnes & Noble is a good idea 😉

For every 12 books you buy – and upload your receipt to the form above – you will get airdropped something that I strongly believe will make your investment worthwhile. All you have to do is buy, upload your proof, and set up your non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet (MetaMask or Rainbow). If you need assistance setting up a MetaMask account, please check out How to Make a Cryptocurrency or NFT Wallet for a step-by-step guide. 

I always say give, give, give, then ask…aka jab, jab, jab, right hook. This is probably my most unique right hook to date. Here is all the information you need to be a part of it: 

  • 12 purchased books = 1 airdropped surprise 
  • Upload your receipt(s) here. DEADLINE: Sat 8/28/21 at 5pm ET
  • All receipts will be accepted as long as the 12 books were purchased before 8/28 at 5pm ET
  • Books available for pre-order within the U.S. and internationally
  • Screenshots of your receipt are okay
  • Multiple receipts okay
  • Physical copies only, no ebooks 

After you’ve bought your books and uploaded your receipts, my team will reach out to you by or around October 1, 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for an email. 

I’m super fucking hyped for this. If you felt any kind of fomo around VeeFriends, you want to make sure you get in on this. Not to mention, this is my best book to date. Whether you keep all of your copies, pass them out to your friends, or donate them to your local library, I don’t care. The only thing I care about is that the message gets out there. I truly believe it’s gonna change lives. 

Thank you for all of the support. I can’t wait for 11/16. If you’ve bought your copies, tag me on Twitter to let me know. 

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