Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success

Updated 10/25/2021  by Twelve and a Half Team

Special updates for India included in this post

Hey VaynerNation!

We have exciting updates for those who ordered batch(es) of 12 books before 8/28 5pm ET for Gary’s Twelve and a Half offer!

For those based in India:

As some of you know, back on 8/27 Gary offered a surprise gift to all those who bought 12+ copies of the new book Twelve and a Half – however, there were some large scale issues across India in buying books. 

As promised, we got you covered – for the next 24 hours (till 10/26 9am ET) if you’re based in India and buy 12+ copies of Twelve and a Half, FILL OUT THIS FORM and you’ll be eligible for the gift.

[For those based in India] “I ordered books on 8/28 from another country because I wasn’t able to order from India retailers. Now, can I cancel that order and re-order from an India retailer?” 

No, buyers cannot cancel orders from international retailers and re-order from an India-based retailer. However, you can also place orders from India retailers and have that count towards the number of gift(s) you’d be eligible for, and enter your India retailer order details when you fill out this form.

[For those based in India] “I already ordered my books. Can I still order books from an India retailer now and be eligible for the offer?”

Yes. You can still order books from India retailers and have that count towards your eligibility. Even if you already ordered books previously from an international retailer.

[For those based in India] “I already ordered books before and filled out a gift eligibility form in my email with my order details. Am I good? Do I have to fill out a different form also?” 

If you already filled out a gift eligibility form sent to your email in October (from “Twelve and a Half Team”) with your order details, you’re good to go – you don’t need to fill out this one (unless you plan on ordering more books from an India based retailer).

[For those based in India] “What retailers can I order from?”

We recommend Amazon India, but any retailers based in India will work. 

For all other regions:

You should have gotten an email from “Twelve and a Half Team.” This email will have more details on next steps, including a form to confirm your eligibility. The subject line of this email is “Twelve and a Half Offer Next Steps.” 

Here are some things you need to know:

  1. Please check your email, including spam folders, to make sure you got it.
  2. In that email, there is a form to confirm your eligibility, please fill it out by 10/14/2021, 11:59pm ET. This form is to help us streamline the process and collect the details necessary to deliver your gift(s) in exchange for your bulk book purchases.
  3. If you did not get the email, fill out this troubleshooting form, and our team will review. If it’s determined that you may be eligible, you’ll receive a form via email.
  4. Once we have a confirmed pool of gift recipients, we will be reaching out to everyone to confirm wallet addresses before the drop.
  5. The gift announcement will happen in November 2021 and, if eligible, you will receive your gift by December 16th, 2021 (within one month of the book launch)

If you have questions, keep reading. 

“Can I still order more books?”

You can still pre-order Gary’s book, but the offer to get a gift in exchange for every 12 books you buy is now closed. 

“What if my country couldn’t take advantage of Gary’s offer?”

For those based in India who didn’t get to order books yet, see the section above.

“When will I get the gift in exchange for every 12 books I bought?”

We will announce more details on the drop in November 2021. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours after you submit the form you got in your email (from the name “Twelve and a Half Team” and the subject line “Twelve and a Half Offer Next Steps”) so you know we received it. 

Once you submit the form, you can assume that you’re eligible to receive your gift(s). If there are any issues or discrepancies in your order(s), the team will reach out to you – you don’t need to check back in with us 🙂 

“I filled out the form in my email, but I need to update some details, like my wallet address.”

As the drop date gets closer, we’ll reach back out to you to confirm your wallet address details – don’t worry. For now, just enter your current wallet address in the form.

“I already filled out a form around 8/28 where I uploaded my receipts. Do I need to fill out another one?”

Check your email for a message from “Twelve and a Half Team” for an updated form to confirm your eligibility, including spam folders. This form is to streamline the process on our end to ensure we are recording all orders and wallet addresses correctly. You need to fill this form out to receive the gift. 

“I deleted my order confirmation from my retailer and I don’t know what time I purchased. The form in the email asks me for the time I placed my order. What do I do?”

You can estimate the exact time of order – this will not affect your eligibility since we have your other order details.

“The form is asking for my time of order, what time zone should I enter that in?” 

Ideally Eastern Time, however it won’t affect your eligibility if you entered your local time. Entering eastern time helps us confirm orders quickly, but if already entered your local time, you don’t need to fill out another form entering your order in eastern time. It’s not absolutely necessary. 

“When will I get the gift in exchange for every 12 books I bought?”

Gary and the team are working super hard in the process of creating a valuable gift to send to you by December 16th of this year (within 1 month of book launch) in exchange for the batch or batches of 12 books you bought!

“I submitted the form in my email, but I didn’t get a confirmation email. What do I do?”

Please wait for up to 48 hours, if you still didn’t get it, please submit the form again. We’ve noticed that the biggest reason for people not getting a confirmation email is accidentally having typos or an incorrect entry in their contact info. So please submit the form again after 48 hours if you didn’t get the confirmation email in your inbox, spam, or promotions / social tab on gmail. 

“Why are you asking for phone numbers in the form?”

We’re asking for your phone number so that if you had any issues with entering your wallet address or order number, we can reach you quickly (so you don’t miss out on the drop). 

“What should I do now?”

If you bought 12+ books before 8/28 5pm ET, fill out the form in your email (sent by “Twelve and a Half Team” with the subject line “Twelve and a Half Offer Next Steps”) to confirm your eligibility – even if your initial order was canceled by the retailer for declined payment or any other reason. If you did NOT get a form in your email (and you can confirm you made your purchase(s) before 8/28 5pm ET), fill out this form.

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