If by some means you haven’t already heard, my third sneaker collaboration with K-Swiss, the GaryVee 003 Clouds & Dirt, is officially available in stores and for international orders everywhere Now! 👟😉


The Sneakers are available in US, Canada,UK, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Middle East, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand and Japan.

If I’ve ever brought you value some support would mean the world to me!

Order the shoes online at:




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Here is more info on where all in the world and how you can buy the sneakers:

www.footlocker.ca – Canada

US, UK, Austria, Belgium, Czech Rep, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan – www.footaction.com 


Sydney: Intersport Auburn store, A8/100 Parramatta Rd, Auburn, Sydney, NSW  2144

Western Australia: Transit Clothing  www.transitclothing.com.au

Some hustlers from VaynerNation have suggested that if your country is not listed here, you can use services like – https://www.usglobalmail.com/ or anything similar. I haven’t used this personally or have any connection with them, but VaynerNation sure likes the service.


So thankful for everyone who’s been living in the #cloudsanddirt:

Maybe I backflip the GTR next…? @luckyscooters with that 🔥 whip

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Ignore everything between the Clouds & Dirt☁️🐾 ☁️Las nubes: Tu creencia, tu ideal y tu alta filosofía. La proyección, la meta final, el sueño. 🐾La tierra: La práctica, la sacada de chucha, el sacrificio, el dar la milla extra Y dedicar tiempo a lo que sabes que deberías Y saber corregir errores Y saber pedir perdón cuando los cometes… No existe nada más que ésto en la vida. . Thanks to my incredible life sensei Gary Vaynerchuck for these amazing @kswiss kicks! Took a while to arrive to Panama 🇵🇦 but the wait was worth it and couldn’t be more hyped! Gonna keep walking, hustling, grinding and DOING for a long while with ‘em! If you don’t follow @garyvee in all of his social media, you’re wasting life! 💪🏼 #CloudsAndDirt ☁️

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For those you that want to purchase the shoe in-stores in US, here is a list of all of the stores that will be holding my new sneaker:

Shoe Palace Locations:


Shoe Palace: Valley Fair, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceValleyFair

Shoe Palace: Salinas Temp, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceSalinasTemp(Only Mens)

Shoe Palace: Palo Alto, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalacePaloAlto

Shoe Palace: San Bruno, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceSanBruno

Shoe Palace: Stockton (Temp), CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceStockton

Shoe Palace: Hollywood, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceHollywood

Shoe Palace: Melrose, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceMelrose

Shoe Palace: Santa Monica, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceSantaMonica

Shoe Palace: Del Amo, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceDelAmo

Shoe Palace: Fashion, NV – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceFashion

Shoe Palace: Website – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalace

Shoe Palace: SF Center, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceSFCenter

Shoe Palace: Eastridge, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceEastridge

Shoe Palace: Parks of Arlington, TX – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceParksOfArlington

Shoe Palace: Great Mall, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceGreatMall

Shoe Palace: Little Tokyo, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceLittleTokyo

Shoe Palace: Los Cerritos, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceLosCerritos

Shoe Palace: Orange, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceOrange

Shoe Palace: Arden, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceArden

Shoe Palace Locations: (receiving the shoes for in-store sale soon)

Shoe Palace: Telegraph, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceTelegraph

Shoe Palace: Brea, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceBrea

Shoe Palace: Houston Galleria, TX – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceHoustonGalleria

Shoe Palace: Temp (Oakridge), CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceOakridge

Shoe Palace: Vacaville, CA – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceVacaville


Shoe Palace: Miracle Mile, NV – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceMiracleMile

Shoe Palace: Las Vegas North Premium Outlets, NV – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceNorthPremiumOutlets

Shoe Palace: Grand Canal, NV – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceGrandCanal

Shoe Palace: Baybrook, TX – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceBaybrook

Shoe Palace: Scottsdale, AZ – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceScottsdale

Shoe Palace: Park Meadows, CO – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceParkMeadows

Shoe Palace: Hulen Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceHulenMall

Shoe Palace: Galleria Dallas, TX – https://garyvee.com/ShoePalaceGalleriaDallas

Footaction Locations:

Footaction: 34th Street, NY – https://garyvee.com/Footaction34thSt

Footaction: 125th Street, NY – https://garyvee.com/Footaction125thSt

Footaction: Bay Plaza, NY – https://garyvee.com/FootactionBayPlaza

Footaction: Sunrise Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionSunriseMall

Footaction: Cumberland Mall, GA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionCumberlandMall

Footaction: Fordham Road, NY – https://garyvee.com/FootactionFordhamRoad

Footaction: Town East Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionTownEastMall

Footaction: S State St, IL – https://garyvee.com/FootactionSStateSt

Footaction: Parks Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionParksMall

Footaction: Florida Mall, FL – https://garyvee.com/FootactionFloridaMall

Footaction: Gulfgate Center Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionGulfgateCenterMall

Footaction: North Star Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionNorthStarMall

Footaction: Wynnewood Village, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionWynnewoodVillage

Footaction: Southlake Mall, GA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionSouthlakeMall

Footaction: Oak Park Mall, KS – https://garyvee.com/FootactionOakParkMall

Footaction: South DeKalb, GA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionSouthDeKalb

Footaction: Broadway LA, CA- https://garyvee.com/FootactionBroadwayLA

Footaction: Hulen Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionHulenMall

Footaction: Northline Commons, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionNorthlineCommons

Footaction: Miracle Mile, NV – https://garyvee.com/FootactionMiracleMile

Footaction: Los Cerritos, CA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionLosCerritos

Footaction: Mall of America, MN – https://garyvee.com/FootactionMallOfAmerica

Footaction: Culver City, CA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionCulverCity

Footaction: Albany Mall, GA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionAlbanyMall

Footaction: Peachtree Mall, GA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionPeachtreeMall

Footaction: Willowbrook Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionWillowbrookMall

Footaction: Mall of Louisiana, LA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionMallOfLouisiana

Footaction: Greenspoint Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionGreenspointMall

Footaction: Greenbriar Mall, GA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionGreenbriarMall

Footaction: Connecticut Post Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionConnecticutPostMall

Footaction: Deerbrook Mall, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionDeerbrookMall

Footaction: Mall West End, GA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionMallWestEnd

Footaction: Oglethorpe Mall, GA – https://garyvee.com/FootactionOglethorpeMall

Footaction: Pleasant Grove, TX – https://garyvee.com/FootactionPleasantGrove

Footaction: Desert Sky Mall, AZ – https://garyvee.com/FootactionDesertSkyMall


The Story behind GaryVee 003 CLOUDS & DIRT Sneakers

The GaryVee 003 is my latest collaboration with K-Swiss. Dubbed as “Sneakers for CEOs”, the collaboration is aimed at the next generation of hustlers and entrepreneurs.

It is based upon the legendary K-Swiss Classic 88, a timeless icon in the sneaker game. For the first time in its 50 year history, the K-Swiss Classic 88 is presented in a knitted upper for comfort and breathability, while retaining the heritage design DNA of the three-piece toe, D-rings and rubber outsole.

Customers may buy as many pairs of the shoe as desired. No order cancellations, and no refunds until the order ships. The standard 30-day return policy will be valid once the item ships to the customer and the customer will pay a $6.00 return shipping fee if they decide to return their shoes. Size exchanges will not be available. For a different size, customers will need to place a new order, which will be subject to size availability.


For those of you that don’t know, Clouds & Dirt was the first original film I made about my mindset as an entrepreneur.  Plain and simple .. Are you pulling from opposite directions? Do you understand the macro, the mission and the motive, and are you able to execute and apply the work, the grind, and the hustle to succeed? Are you able to backup your ambitions with your actions and are you doing everything in your power to breakthrough? Here’s the update to that




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