GaryVee’s First in Line

Guys, with social getting so noisy, I wanted to create my own VIP messaging community called “First in Line.” The quickest way to get access is to message me on Facebook 😉 Otherwise you can fill out the form below.

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Welcome to GaryVee’s First In Line, the Facebook messenger and text messaging platform that allows you, my community, to get things first like my sneakers, books, or tickets to VIP events! This is going to give you a disproportionate advantage ahead of my social media; or, an opportunity for me to give you love with surprise giveaways and announcements from brands I decide to jam with.

Very simply, I’ve got a ton of momentum and equity in the system right now and I want to share that with you, so as I get free opportunities and awesome stuff, I want to give you a shot of being a part of it. Whether that’s new sneakers, merchandise, event tickets or a job opportunity, I am going to text you here first. I’m hosting a private dinner in NYC? You’ll be the first to know. I’m in Berlin and want to do a meetup? I’m texting GaryVee First in Line.  I’m dropping a new sneaker, shirt or video? This is the place. I promise you, this is only* for my most important shit.

All you have to do is fill out this form so I can get a sense of your social and how I can bring you the most value.. The GaryVee First in Line goes beyond my social media and is powered by text messages for me to give you exclusive access to what I’m hot on,  first. It would seriously mean the world to me if you wanted to join this group. And if not, feel free to “x” out or unsubscribe.