Gary Vaynerchuk gives a Q&A session with The Lamppost Group in Chattanooga

45 Minutes of SOLID GOLD Social Media and Business Advice

Check out this awesome Q&A session with The Lamppost Group in Chattanooga.


00:17 РHow do I market my company on Vine and Instagram?

04:18 – How do you know which new platforms to choose?

07:05 РWhat was your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?

09:49 РWhere do you see wine going in the USA?

14:40 РWhat insights do you have on company culture and HR?

20:56 РHow do I get clients to believe in the value proposition of social media, and then once I do, how do I find the right people to execute on it?

22:20 РWhy do you bother doing live events like this for a relatively small audience?

23:39 РWhat trends do you see in K-12 education?

27:44¬†– What can Chattanooga do to become more a “startup city?”

30:40 РHow can Chattanooga attract more talented Millennials?

31:31 РCan you talk more about VaynerRSE, and what you look for when investing in startups?

33:20¬†– How can I use social media to promote a Highschool “Model UN” organization?

36:45 РWhat tools do you recommend for the cold-calling sales process? What about B2B?

39:17¬†– What’s the future of list-building/email marketing?

41:50¬†– How’d you like the Jets draft?

42:43 РWhere do you see ad content going in the next few years?

44:29 РAre social media platforms niche driven, or should you be on all of them?

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