Every Company is a Media Company

Ken Yeung¬†posted a tweet that started an interesting conversation amongst a few people, but it’s a subject that I’ve been on¬†for awhile now.¬†

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This tweet was just another indication that things are moving in the direction I’ve always suspected, which is this: Every single company out there, where they know it or not, is a media company in addition¬†to the business or product that they specialize in.¬†

This is a world where you don’t have to invest in a printing press, or a satellite, or a sales team in order to distribute your story anymore. Everybody is able to use the internet – or rather the tools being built on it like YouTube, Medium, Instagram, and Twitter – for distribution of their content. Over the next decade, more and more people are going to come to realize this, be it companies or individuals.¬†

The faster your business realizes that it’s a media company, the more likely it will be to succeed in 2020, in 2025, in 2030…¬†

…In my humble opinion.

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