Business Networking 101, Yelp Advertising & The #AskGaryVee Book: #AskGaryVee Episode 188

In this episode, I talked about networking in New York City, what I do to maintain consistency, and what I think about Yelp advertising.


Questions answered on this episode

  • How the hell did you handle content creation when VaynerMedia was only 5 people to begin with?
  • Do you think using Yelp advertising for local photographers is worth the min $300-$400 dollar a month investment?
  • I’m coming to NY for a month in the fall purely to network. Where would you go to network if you were a NY novice?
  • Do you have any pillars that you do every day to maintain consistency?
  • What are you most worried/nervous about for #AskGaryVee Book launch?

Resources from this  episode

Question of the day

  • What are you most nervous about?

Task of the day

  • Hit up 25 people saying you want to talk, chat, grab coffee, whatever.

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