Business Indecision, Employee Recruitment & Artist Management: #AskGaryVee Episode 182

On this episode, we have a surprise guest and I talk about how VaynerMedia recruits employees.


Questions answered on this episode

  • Have your ever dropped the ball on making a decision due to over thinking it?
  • Do you expect your own employees to work like you do? Does it affect your opinion of them?
  • LinkedIn seems to be the standard for recruitment. How do you recruit and is LinkedIn part of the process?
  • What brings you peace? There is such fun in the hustle sure, but what brings the calm and ease for you?
  • If you were an artist manager, what is something you would have your artists do that artists right now aren’t leveraging?

Resources from this episode

Question of the day

  • How many books are you going to buy? 😉

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