How To Build The Tallest Building

There are two ways you can “build the tallest building in town”.

You can either spend all your time and energy focusing on you making your building the tallest, or you can go around and try to tear everyone else’s building down.

Anybody that is trying to tear you down is hurting inside, and doesn’t realize their happiness doesn’t come at the expense of someone else’s. Having compassion, sympathy, and empathy for your fellow human is REQUIRED for your own happiness.

The world is abundant. Nobody else is taking out of your pocket.

Once you understand this, things get really good 🙂 Watch this short film my team made that I hope will really drive home this point.

Check this out

The world is changing, and it’s important to acknowledge that certain long held beliefs should be re-examined. So many of us are stuck doing things in an outdated way and it’s only leading us to unhappiness. With that in mind, let’s rethink the paths people can take from ages 18...