Birthday Deals!

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I’m turning 38 on 11/14/2013. Those sound like some pretty good numbers to me. Let’s take a look at what they’ll get you:

11 Books

– A Signed Copy of My Cover Issue in INC. Magazine

Haven’t done this for anybody yet. Not only is this going to be a collector’s item, you’ve got a very real chance of selling it back to me on eBay in a few years 🙂

14 Books – EARLY Signed Copy of JJJRH

People have been hounding me for early copies. I get it, it’s a long time to wait. If you buy 14 copies on Amazon, I will take one of the copies sitting in my office, personalize it with a signature, and get it in the mail TOMORROW (11/15). You’ll have Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook in your possession by early next week. By the time your other books arrive, you’ll already be able to tell your friends what your favorite chapters are.

38 books – 6-Minute Skype Date

Normally, the minimum number of books to get my time like this has been 60, but it’ my birthday! Pitch me your startup. Ask me for advice about your business problems. Talk to me about obscure Jets trivia. Discuss the finer points of 2005 Bordeaux. Anything you want. You literally cannot get access like this in any other way.

2013 Books – Dinner in NYC with Me for You and 9 of Your Friends

Get a crew together and join me for a night you’ll never forget. In case you might not have suspected it, I have some pretty amazing connections in the NYC restaurant scene, so when you go out with me, it’s pretty obnoxiously good time. I can guarantee this will be the single best dinner date you will ever go on 😉

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