#AskGaryVee Episode 97

#AskGaryVee Episode 97: Idea People, Intellectual Property, & Something Else with “I” and “P”

#QOTD, courtesy Andrew: Who you got tonight: Rangers, or Capitals?
#QOTD, Gary: How are you guys liking the whole black & white/color transition?

3:09 – Do you distinguish between “idea people” and “doers?” Is there value in someone with great ideas who needs others to execute?
5:27 – You say you don’t consume much media, but isn’t it kind of necessary in order to put out relevant, current content?
7:38 – I mustache you a question. What’s your opinion on brands building social campaigns around consumers taking selfies?
9:02 – I just watched episode 96 & you went off on IP. I’m an IP lawyer starting out. What is the future and where does IP fit?

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