#AskGaryVee Episode 178: Outsourcing, Crappy Products, & Focusing on Depth

On this episode we tackle questions about my reactions to selfies, what tasks I outsource, and the best way to bring awareness to a new brand.


#QOTD, 1: Who is going to win the Super Bowl and why?
#QOTD, 2: I’d love to have your audit on episodes 10 and 11 of DailyVee.

2:52 – Why are so many people worried about their marketing ability while their “product” is plain awful?
4:37 – What is the best way to bring awareness to your brand when first starting up?
6:49 – What normal tasks do you outsource, i.e., preparing your meals, doing your laundry, etc in order to enable you to focus on work?
8:43 – I might be the best example of someone who gets distracted by width instead of depth. Do you ever have to regain focus? Tips?
10:17 – Do you lose respect for businesspeople if they go all fangirl on you, wanting to take pics, etc? Do you feel respected, or used?

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