Gary Vaynerchuk talks about Instagram.

#AskGaryVee Episode 171: Pets, Cutting Through the Noise, & Gary Gets Sentimental

On this episode, I talk about cutting through the noise, pet toy brands, and I get emotional about the past. Watch below.


What are you doing for the holidays? I’m in a surprise and delight kind of mood. 🙂


2:57 – How would you market a pet toy wholesale brand now looking to build a direct to consumer presence?
5:54 – I know YOU’RE the brand, but why are VaynerMedia’s social accounts so whatever? Why are those outlets afterthoughts?
8:32 – Would your recommend a white label video player or YouTube for media companies monetizing video content?
9:19 – When you get a new idea, do you have a validation process before actually moving forward with that idea? How do you know which ideas are going to work or not?
14:00 – My industry has stupid amount of noise, senseless shit. Need to cut through the shit to engage. How do I become the number one knowledge leader?


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