Gary Vaynerchuk talking about his New York Jets Nike's on the #AskGaryVee Show

#AskGaryVee Episode 170: Snapchat Discover, Disrespect, & Losing Your Hustle

#QOTD: If I told you to go away and be with yourself for 24 hours, where would you go?

3:20 – Do you think too many brands are on Snapchat Discover (18 at the moment)? Does each added brand decrease value for others?
5:56 – My podcast’s website gets a lot of page views, but they’re not translating into listens what can I do to help conversion?
9:36 – How do you personally take charge in a meeting when you feel others are being disrespectful?
18:16 – What’s the psychology behind Periscope? Why are users spending time there?
21:10 – I feel like I’ve lost my hustle. Help. What do I do?

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