AskGaryVee Episode 165

#AskGaryVee Episode 165: Billboards, Production Capacity, & Gary Gets Salty

#QOTD: What wine are you drinking at Thanksgiving?



3:47 – Why am I seeing an influx of tech companies using billboards to advertise? (Slack, Snapchat, Yahoo!)
7:07 – You recommend free work but how do know when someone is just after free work, yet wants to call it exposure?
10:11 – How would you manage higher demand than production capacity? How to manage expectations when you have 2/3 months latency ?
11:30 – if you could change one part of Facebook’s API for marketers and business pages, what would it be?
13:47 – How clearly do you have to see the end goal (and the path to get there) before you begin? Clarity before hustle?

16:10 – Bonus Rant

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Instagram DM (Direct Message) is the single biggest networking or business development opportunity of this decade. Eventually users will have greater privacy permissions, allowing them to block direct messages from occurring on the platform. As of right now, this does not exist, with Instagram allowing you to DM any user...