AskGaryVee Episode 154

#AskGaryVee Episode 154: Chase Jarvis Answers Questions on the Show

#QOTD, from Chase: Do you see virtual reality becoming popular in the next 24 months?
#QOTD, from Gary: Star Wars or Star Trek / how old are you?

4:51 – If I pursue what I think is my passion, but don’t come close to achieving what I want, will I have wasted my time?
9:44 – Would you rather time travel 100 years into the past or 100 into the future and why?
11:06 – In episode 122 you say at 22 to 24 don’t settle. What is the settling age? I thought you should never settle.
14:50 – Would you say the “T” in timing is way more important than the “T” in talent?
17:44 – Star Wars or Star Trek? Or both?

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CHASE ON TWITTER https://twitter.com/chasejarvis

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