AskGaryVee Episode 150

#AskGaryVee Episode 150: Vimeo, New Facebook Profile Videos & Strategy Around Speeches

On this episode we talk Vimeo, the change on Facebook profile pics, and strategy around speeches.

3:02 – In a tactic-obsessed world, how do you hammer home the truth that WineLibraryTV succeeded because of YOU not the daily videos?
5:45 – How do you feel about a short video in place of your profile picture on Facebook?
7:51 – You seem to be everywhere! Are you democratic about your talks or do you have a strategy in place for public speaking?
9:20 – Whats the next industry to be turned upside down because they aren’t adjusting business models to fit changes in technology?
12:14 – Will Vimeo ever be able to successfully compete with YouTube without running ads? Or can they keep thriving as a smaller competitor?

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