AskGaryVee Episode 147

#AskGaryVee Episode 147: Twitter’s 140 Character Limit

On this episode, we talk about Twitter’s 140 character limit, me establishing myself as the boss, and you jumping away from that $100,000+ job to go into your passion.

2:32 – With most of your employees knowing you before they worked for you, how did you establish your authority as the boss?
4:13 – What do you think of Twitter’s plan to remove the 140 character limit?
5:08 – What’s the worst mistake a potential VaynerMedia employee can make during an interview with you?
6:21 – Do you / have you hired college dropouts at VaynerMedia?

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For me, I'm only interested in one thing. The thing that binds us all together. No matter who you are or what your profession is - whether you’re an entrepreneur or in sales or a designer or a developer - no matter what you do, your job is to tell...