AskGaryVee Episode 142 in New York City

#AskGaryVee Episode 142: How To Prevent Your Drive From Affecting Your Relationships

STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Tell me how you like the outdoor setting for the episodes.

2:30 – I’ve been hustling since the age of 14, I now work 12 maybe 15 hours a day. I love what I do but some times I fear my drive works against me, particularly when it comes to getting in the way of relationships with friends. How do you deal with that, I can’t switch off, brain is constantly working.
5:00 – Why did you stop forcing people to ask questions on Instagram?
6:37 – What service do you use to make these amazing images?
8:21 – When is it okay to lie in business?
10:36 – How can you minimize the surprise “no”?


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