#AskGaryVee Episode 132

#AskGaryVee Episode 132: Is Snapchat Discover like a billboard?

#QOTD: Last one ever!
What is your favorite football team and what is your prediction for your team’s year?

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2:39 – How do you handle “Eeyore” employees? The ones that always sound like they’re whining & pessimistic.
6:19 – Is the Snapchat Discover kind of like billboards? They’re there for everyone to see, but people’s attention is elsewhere.
8:27 – What do you think about the revamp Facebook gave its Notes platform? A Medium contender maybe?
10:55 – Do you see video response functionality being built into email clients? Would it be practical for someone like you?
14:41 – You don’t talk much about Tumblr. Do you think it’s losing relevance?

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