#AskGaryVee Episode 113

#AskGaryVee Episode 113: Do You Have To Choose Between Two Passions?

#QOTD: How many copies of the #AskGaryVee Book are you going to buy?

2:00 – If you had the opportunity to speak in front of an auditorium full of elementary schoolers, what would be your topic of choice and why?
5:26 – Is it possible to have TWO burning passions and pursue them at the same time without half-assing them? Or is it ideal to pick one at a time?
11:25 – Can you rate my Instagram on a 1-10 scale & tell me how I could improve it?
14:35 – If you have a business that is growing fast, is it more important to perfect the system/process or focus on adding more people to the team?
16:51 – Instagram ads look like they will be opening up soon. If you were launching a book and you could only spend money on one place in ads, would you pick Instagram or Facebook? Also, how would you hit 10k pre-orders through bulk orders, where would you focus your energy?

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