#AskGaryVee Episode 106

#AskGaryVee Episode 106: Nintendo’s NX, Landing Pages, & Sh*tty Social Media Experts

#QOTD: What is your favorite Nintendo game of all time?

0:58 – If you were going on TV and could only promote one platform to be followed on, what would it be?
3:06 – The NX running on Android would be a bit bizarre, no? Feels like Nintendo might not want to invest so heavily in home consoles any more…
4:21 – Do you recommend your website’s landing page be a jab (blog) or a right hook?
6:30 – Why is it that people who specialize in social media never have a clear cut social media brand except tweeting links?
10:01 – If you could instantly turn one weakness into a strength, and one of your strengths into a weakness, which two would you trade?

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