#AskGaryVee Episode 105

#AskGaryVee Episode 105: Solopreneurs, Edited Photos & Attention to Detail

#QOTD: What is the app you are spending most of your time on right now?

1:09 – As a successful solo entrepreneur, do I have to grow my business bigger than I can handle alone?
3:52 – You say: (1) play to your strengths & (2) don’t worry about small details. What if my strength is attention to detail?
6:00 – I don’t get it, Facebook. You decide to not show my book page to people. Do you think a lack of success will make me give you more money?
7:15 – Our co-Founder has been said to be the female version of you. Do you think society is ready & would she be treated the same?
10:05 – How do you think overly edited photos and text overlays effect the authenticity of Instagram posts?

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