The 100th Episode of the #AskGaryVee Show

#AskGaryVee Episode 100: The Live Show [UNCENSORED]

It’s finally here 🙂
#QOTD: What are you feelings that the show ends today?

3:43 – How do I keep my old employees from hazing my new employees?
6:48 – How did you overcome your family relationship with AJ in order to work through a business problem?
10:48 – Are you the person behind the #TomShady billboard?
11:35 – How do you decide what and when to automate?
14:03 – How do I overcome the perception of being “too young” when I’m pitching potential clients?
19:20 – Do you have any advice on how to give my first on-stage presentation?
22:03 – Where do you see the sharing economy going over the next few years?
24:55 – What should I focus on with the companies that I invest in?
26:44 – Would you like to try my product?
28:54 – How much of your staff’s time is spent on you as opposed to other projects?
31:25 – How do you decide what to work on, and what’s the opportunity cost to doing it?
35:15 – How would you apply your methods and teachings to the financial industry?
39:32 – What’s your definition of productivity, and how do you manage to be so productive day after day?
43:45 – How should I go about making content for my packaged food company? Which platforms should I use?
47:27 – Where do you see the biggest opportunities in the wine&spirits sector (specifically vodka)?
50:09 – What is a fundamental skill that you see a lot of entry-level marketers lacking?
52:40 – I’m having a hard time professionally training my son, how do you balance the family aspect with the need to be hard on someone?

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