9 Reminders to take into 2022

In today’s blog, you’ll find some of the quotes that resonated most with my community across social in 2021 – hope these “hit” for you as we head into the new year!

What You Listen To and Who You Listen To is What You Become

That toxic parent. That toxic significant other. That toxic friend(s). That toxic content on main media. That toxic content on social media…Get your mind right! Start listening to practical, optimistic, solution-oriented, accountable content that makes you feel in control. 

Life is how you see it. That starts with how you hear it 👂

If You Wake Up and Everyone You Care About is Healthy, It’s a Great Day

Simplify your life. We get caught up in worrying about dumb shit … please don’t. There’s so much to be happy for, especially the health of your loved ones.

I Made Thousands of Pieces of Content Before Anybody Even Began to Give a Shit

You haven’t not “made it,” you’re  just early in your journey. It takes years – YEARS. Too many want it in days or get discouraged when they slow down or are stuck. Make content you want to make – that you value – the rest can fall into place over time.

Stop Hanging Around People Who Don’t Want You to Win

You don’t have to cut people out of your life, but you should consider limiting your time with people who are bringing you down and also reply with compassion to the hurt they are feeling (which is likely leading to them bringing so much negativity and cynicism to every conversation).

I was 30 Years Old Before I Made a Single Piece of Content

I was also 32 when I made my first business content and really not until 34, 35, 37 did I really talk about business. People are out here worried they aren’t growing or are losing followers or are behind…or they look at the influencer who is 4 years younger than them but has a million followers … 

These are all distractions. Don’t worry about anyone else…All of you are ahead of me 😉

Patience and execution and practice and time … you’ve got way more time than your insecurities tell you. 

Just Do What Fucking Feels Right

As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. So many are scared to do what they actually want to do because they are worried about the ridicule from others … THAT FUCKS ME UP. Fuck them, LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Practicality in life matters, but often people don’t realize they are living in fear and defense and no culture. Life is longer than you think – try to mix up your behavior if you feel unhappy and change the patterns.

Looking Backwards Fucks With Your Neck

IT’S OVER! Stop dwelling on some shit that happened in 2018, 2012, 2019 or fucking 1999 …. Yesterday is over – learn from it but please stop bringing up how you got wronged or fucked. 

It’s ruining tomorrow.

I’d Rather Smile in my Toyota than Cry in my Ferrari

Had to go to the streets to really get the message across to the people. People talk about choosing money over happiness and mental peace, but It’s a silly, naive convo and it needs to stop. Money is great and all, but when you focus on peace of mind and happiness, so much good shit happens.

Please think more and more about happiness and reply self awareness to what makes you happy and what are you good at and try to bring them together!

You’re About to Have the BEST Year of Your Life!

Excited for your 2022! You’re gonna smash it with patience, kindness, optimism and execution … I can feel it. 😉

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