8 People You Should be Following on Twitter

Here’s my list of 8 great people you should be following on Twitter, right now!

Bridget Williams

One of the sharpest media-minds I have spent time with. She is a must-follow. Maybe the most important follow from this list.

Justin Thorp

Tons of authenticity. Justin’s been in the game a long time, is kind and thoughtful, and is just someone I have always been fond of. He doesn’t follow blindly, and really does his homework.

Anthony De Rosa

Disclosure: I am in investor in Circa. I just like this guy’s work, and I’ve liked it since way before we were doing business together. I almost didn’t add him because of a conflict, but I had to because he understood the landscape of modern journalism so well.

Marco Arment

Dude’s just smart. Period!

Doug Conant

Former CEO of Campbell’s Soup. Has a great POV of old and new world. Definitely worth the attention.

Tara Hunt

I love her POV on culture shifts. She really doesn’t get enough credit (in my opinion) for her understanding of the early social shifts in digital.

John Jantsch

A gentleman, 1st and foremost. Really on top of things with major work ethic, and full understanding of marketing. I like him a lot.

Kathy Sacks

Jersey girl 😉 Someone I respect for a few reasons I can’t share, but you should trust me when I say she is a great person, and deserves your attention.

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