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Gary Vaynerchuk Builds Businesses

Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company, and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s 5 locations.

In the late 90s, after identifying “the internet” as a land-grab opportunity, Gary transitioned his father’s local liquor store into one of the first wine e-commerce platforms resulting in growing the family business from $3-60MM in sales during a 5-year period.


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Why I Believe in CONVICTION Over Convincing: Road to Twelve and a Half (Series)

Why was I so big on social media when everyone told me it was “just a fad”? How did I have the confidence to invest my savings into Twitter and Facebook -- now Meta -- when everyone said that it was insane? What makes me so bullish about NFTs and how they will revolutionize the future when it’s still so ridiculously early? The answer is simple: conviction. 

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