#AskGaryVee Episode 8: Buy the Damn Cat!

#QOTD: What is currently your favorite single beverage?

Things that I have decided are important: Keeping life spicy, wine, my health, and being honest.

Cyberdust – http://cyberdust.com/
Music by T.Jay – http://www.wordplaytjay.com/

0:39 – Do you believe in Jim Collins belief that we can only focus on 3 things?
1:38 – What is the best way to grow a following or community from nothing?
3:36 – Tea or Coffee? or wine?
3:57 – As a business leader whats one thing that keeps you up at night?
4:54 – Center or Edge?
5:01 – What’s the best way for a right hook to seem like a jab?
7:26 – How can public institutions/government use social media more effectively in marketing campaigns? 

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